DR4Y – Professor André – André Guay
phone: +1 514 885-5557
mail: djdr4y@gmail.com

ANDRÉ GUAY – Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia (Jazz Performance).

Composition, remix, arrangement and music production for record company, television, radio, Excellence Gala and others. Composition, sound design and programming for the exhibition C2mtl – Interactive fresco with motion detection and quadraphonic sound system, Les Sphères Polaires, and more…

  • Orchestration and composition of the first radio single for the artist Maxime Proulx – Director, arrangement and production of the two versions, English and French.
  • Completion of the first three singles of the group Sherlock as an artistic director, arrangements and producer.
  • Composition and mixes in two languages: Spanish and English of different versions of the first single Zooka Swang featuring Thea Austin, for a SCI-FI project in collaboration with Soundtrack Group and Studio in NYC – will be release in fall 2012.
  • Composition, arrangements and production of two singles for Jhay-ee an American artist in collaboration with Soundtrack Group NYC.
  • Arrangements and producing of a song for Corneliu Montano and his American EP.
  • Guitar arrangement and programming for James DiSalvio (Bran Van 3000).
  • Pre production of songs for Roman Pagliaro the son of Michel Pagliaro.
  • Writing and producing original music (3 songs for an album) with the internationally renowned author Frédéric Baron, artist and performer for Cirque du Soleil show and designer of Dalida, Joan Bluteau.
  • Production and writing of three songs for the albums of Erika – For the record company Quartett, composition and promotional tour as musical director. Live shows for the Desmarais family (Power Corporation) and performance at the Francofolie.
  • French dance compilation with Pascal Caubet a French producer. TF1 were interested in distributing a single “Orient Express” in seventeen European countries.
  • Pitch of three songs for a TV show called “My Favorite World” produced in the studio Smythe & Co in NYC for a TV channel.
  • To the Beat of Your Heart is an Album produced for the Japanese singer CHARITO it was distributed in Japan and Indonesia.
  • Production of an instrumental Jazz Fusion album with the producer Donnie Elbert from NYC under Sony label.
  • For Loto-Québec, The Treasure Hunt “Game Show” hosted by Rémi Girard and Marcel Leboeuf production of the symphonic theme.
  • Production of the theme for the TV show Côté Cour with Jean Pierre Coallier and Sister Angela.
  • For the Radio of Radio Canada production of the music for a theatre radio show Taxi, international distribution.
  • Musical production for a musical comedy À L’EAU also produced in Quebec 84 event.
  • Writing of the themes for the Heinz company corporate event.
  • For the gala Les Extras writing of the musical themes.
  • For the Gala the painters of Quebec performance live and writing of the themes.
  • Participation in the production of albums for Kagura and Alexx.
  • Participation as a guitar player for the album of Sylvie Paquette, Eva and Fusion.
  • Composer, conductor and guitarist for the band Proteus beginning in 1984. The music style was JAZZ FUSION and the band played at local bars and the International Jazz Festival of Montreal since the early years of this festival.
  • He realized among other things: Soundtracks “dangerous games” for the National Film Board (NFB), musical comedy “In the water” for the event Quebec 84 discs for emerging artists from Quebec, the Show 150iem Lac St-Jean, with a symphony orchestra and a choir to seven thousand spectators, performances in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Conductor, music director head guitarist and programmer for the artist Erika and Quebec artists such as Sylvie Bernard (TV Show on PBS, provincial tour), Robert Leroux, Renée Claude, etc.. For corporate parties – Paul Desmarais, YPO, Canadair, Bombardier, Armand Frappier, CIBC, Heinz, Hull Casino, British Airways, etc.. and POP albums.
  • Teacher for composition, programming, arrangement at Marie-Victorin College since 2005, he teaches guitar, MIDI programming, arrangement in the computer lab of the college. At Inter-Dec College he created a new program of Sound Design and Multimedia and also created a program in musicology called THE HISTORY OF MUSIC to learn with the help of a computer.
  • At the S.A.C. University of Montreal instigator of a composition course. Original method based on the basics of jazz improvisation (Berklee), the classical harmonization and different formats of popular song.
  • Various technical presentations and workshops at UQAM to teach professors and the Executive Committee of the University for a demonstration of new technologies (software and integration) in the field of music and sound for the College MarieVictorin in Place Bonaventure lounge music etc.
  • Private education. Workshops on the history and influences of blues music from yesterday to popular Blues music of today with primary schools in the province of Quebec.
  • Developer and Programmer: Programming MIDI application development technology. Creating technological tool including MIDI programming and / or programming languages such as HTML and Action Script (with the Macromedia Flash software). Have 2 Canadian copyrights of his inventions. Presentation on request with a non-disclosure agreement. Designing a first version of the website Sonotem Inc., demonstrating the real-time playback (streaming) audio file download and playback simultaneously.
  • Major project development (market research, business plan pro forma, Powerpoint presentation, functional prototype), which are finally copyrights mentioned above, with stakeholders, managers as Gilles Gagnon a Senior Partner of DigiPlan TEC specializes in strategic planning for high-tech companies. His works include the development of multiple business plans, marketing and proforma (P & L), interacting at all levels of the industry, government and financial institutions. Before joining DigiPlan TEC, Mr. Gagnon served as Area Manager for microelectronics and photonics at Industry Canada.

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